About Us

Our History

Founded in 1986, G-Mart Corporation started off as a used vehicles dealership recording steady growth over the years. The progress hit a rough patch in the late 1990s as the economic crisis of 1997 led G-Mart to morph into a vehicle auction centre. The G-Mart National Auction House up to the present day located at Sg. Serai in Hulu Langat and Kg. Melayu Subang is major hubs for bank auction vehicles and buyers from all over the country.

G-Mart Corporation has broken tradition by moving the physical auctioning process to the digital realm. The E-Auction enables buyers to place real-time bids from the comfort of their armchair at home. This allows a wider spectrum of the bidder to participate in the weekly bids.

Expanding further into the automotive industry, the G-Mart Group of Companies currently consists of several new vehicle 3S centers including three PERODUA centers, three TOYOTA centers and a HONDA center.

A used imported vehicles dealership was acquired in 2011 completing the G-Mart circle in the auto retail business. The purchase of Moscorp Sdn. Bhd. paved way for G-Mart to import and retail cars from the United Kingdom and Japan.

The G-Mart Corporation growth is further bolstered by the introduction of APEG Solutions Sdn. Bhd., an extended warranty program for used imported vehicles and the incorporation of APEG Technology Sdn. Bhd., an information and communications technology service provider.

G-Mart is an organisation built on the dedication and perseverance of a united team under the stewardship of Dato’ Haji Wahid Lasiman. The company pays detailed attention to the needs of each and every clients and conducts business in adherence to the local and international legal requirements.

The Founder

Tough times don’t last, tough people, do. This quote probably describes Dato’ Wahid’s throughout his journey in the Malaysian automotive industry. Dato’ Haji Wahid incorporated G-Mart Corporation in 1986 as a used vehicles dealership.

G-Mart Corporation was born post the Commodity Shock of the 80’s and has weathered through the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990’s. Ten years later G-Mart once again the pushed against the effects of the Global Financial crisis in 2008. As captain of the ship Dato’ Haji Wahid Lasiman navigated the G-Mart vessel clear out of troubled waters and even seized hidden opportunities along the way.

The University of Texas graduate is relentless in his pursuit to make G-Mart a powerhouse in the Malaysian automotive industry. The G-Mart flagship paved way for new vehicle dealership businesses and the acquisition of an AP holder company, Moscorp Sdn. Bhd. The involvement in the imported vehicles industry gave birth to APEG Solutions, an extended warranty provider for vehicles imported from Japan and the United Kingdom.

More recently, an information technology related corporation dubbed as APEG Technology has been fused into G-Mart to spearhead the digitisation of the various business entities in the G-Mart Group of Companies.

Perseverance and foresight are something Dato’ Wahid is recognised for and he continues innovating to ensure that G-Mart Group of Companies and its dynamic team thrives. High-voltage energy, avant-garde ideas, wit and humour and generosity are some of the attributes that Dato’ Wahid exudes.