Prolintas Toyota Vehicle Service and Maintenance Briefing at G-Mart Motor.

Prolintas, Projek Lintasan Kota Sdn. Bhd, the country’s second largest highway concessionaires recently participated in a Toyota Vehicle Service and Maintenance briefing session at G-Mart Motor Sdn. Bhd.

The session was aimed at answering important questions with regards to scheduled servicing and maintenance of vehicles used by Prolintas. Participants from were mainly from the fleet management and highway patrol units.

The service vehicles used by Prolintas clock very high mileages on a daily basis, the heavy usage requires the drivers and fleet managers to monitor the service requirements closely. G-Mart Motor, as an official Toyota 3S dealership recognized the special needs of these vehicles and how Prolintas could benefit from an educational session.

“The highway service vehicles comprising of Toyota Hilux models clock up to 5000kms in just 10 to 14 days hence these cars need come in for servicing more frequently. For commercial clients like Prolintas the scheduled servicing involves time and costs. G-Motor has many commercial use clients and we take heed of their special needs,” said Muhammad Syaufik Shith, Sales Manager of G-Mart Motor.

The session covered the various types of services and maintenance checks, commonly asked questions, various service packages and costs, difference in care for commercial vehicles, technical question and answers and a vehicle walkaround at the service centre.

G-Mart Motors Head Technician, Abdul Halim Redzuan conducted the classroom and technical sessions. “There are many misconceptions when it comes to service and maintenance of commercial vehicles. Companies often try to apply the regular privately owned service patterns for commercial vehicle and it usually ends up with unwanted issues. The Toyota Hilux is the most durable pick-up truck out there, but there are certain maintenance practices that need to be applied to ensure the longevity of the vehicle,” explained Abdul Halim.

“We are happy that G-Mart Motor had organized this session for us, many technical questions issues were addressed, and we are happy to learn in detail about our highways service vehicles. Our aim is to reduce downtime and ensure that costs are managed properly to be able to serve highway users better,” said Saiful Akbar Mabrur from Prolintas.

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