Car insurance portal gets a facelift., an automotive insurance renewal portal has been spruced up recently to enhance customer experience. The portal which was developed by Apeg System Sdn. Bhd. in collaboration with RHB Assurance has been well received by vehicle owners wanting to renew their policies online.

Apeg System Sdn. Bhd has further enhanced several features to increase the visual appeal and user friendliness of the system. Customers will now be greeted with more information pertaining car and motorcycle insurance policies. The product description pages have updated so that car owners could read precise information on all the available options.

Next, the quotation generation system has been updated to search NCD (No Claim Discount) percentages and return with quote faster than before. More add-on options also have been added for the benefit and convenience of customers.

Finally, customers would be able to request to print roadtax discs once the transaction is completed. A rewards program dubbed as OTORewards has also been enabled for customers with successful transactions. Customers can use their accumulated points to redeem some exciting gifts.

Apeg System is not stopping at this update, soon customers will be able to make payments via their e-wallet accounts.  For more information or to begin your car insurance renewal process, visit

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